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Branding objectives

To improve Apley brand consistency by documenting Apley brand essentials such as Apley design principles (eg font), Apley visual assets (eg logos & photos) & tone (eg colours)

Business names

  • Please stick to these branding rules:
  • Apley Farm Shop is never just Apley Farm* (it must have SHOP as a 3rd word), nor is it Appley or Apply Farm
  • Apley is never Apply, Appley, Appleby – no mis spellings are acceptable
  • Apley Food Hall is also listed as the Shropshire Food Hall
  • Pigg’s Playbarn is never Piggies or Piggy’s Playbarn
  • Creamery Café (pronounced Caff Fay) needs its French accent, so should never the Cafe (pronounced Caff)
  • The Apley Kitchen will soon be the new name for The Creamery Cafe
  • *NB. Scotty’s Animal Park is an independent business & a tenant of Apley Farm Shop

Conditions of use

  • Please always follow these brand guidelines. If in doubt about anything, please just contact us:
  • Call: 01952 581 002
  • Text: 07739 320 314
  • Email:
  • Permission must be obtained in writing to print anything about us
  • Our logos cannot be changed in any way – size, colour, shape
  • Apley Farm Shop’s Marketing staff must check anything before it goes to print


The only font acceptable for Apley Farm Shop, Apley Estate & Apley Smoked Pheasant is GEORGIA 12pt


Steve Watts is our photographer at Apley Farm Shop.
Contact him on 07446 140 448 or email him HERE.

Click HERE to download his photography consent form.

Social Media

Hash tags: #apleyfarmshop, #Shropshire, #CreameryCafe, #PiggsPlaybarn, #ApleyFoodHall, #ShropshireFoodHall

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You Tube films

Click HERE to view our You Tube Channel

TV Coverage

For all media enquiries, please click HERE to email us if you would like to film anywhere on the Apley Estate, including at Apley Farm Shop, make recordings for radio, take photographs, interview our staff etc. The table below lists a selection of our TV coverage to date.

TV coverage, a selection

DateChannelDepartment ProgrammeDirector
1-Jan-80Apley Estate Never come back Included Edward Fox 
1-Jan-80Apley Estate (tenant farmer Henry Yates) Living with the Enemy
1-Jun-06BBC 1 or 2Apley Estate RiverGriff Rhys-Jones
22-Feb-12Channel 4Apley Estate Guy Martin
8-Aug-12BBC Apley Walled Garden BBC Radio Shropshire Genevieve Tudor
5-Nov-12BBC Apley Farm Shop BBC Inside Out Richie Woodhall 
6-Nov-12BBC Apley Estate BBC Listening Project Genevieve Tudor
3-Oct-13EndomolApley Estate Salvage HuntersDrew Pritchard
20-Nov-14BBC Apley Farm Shop BBC Radio Shropshire 
15-Nov-15BBC Apley Walled Garden BBC Radio Shropshire 
30-Mar-16BBCApley Walled Garden BBC Midlands TodayLaura McMullan
1-Jan-17Apley Estate Escape to the Country 
24-Oct-18BBC Apley Walled Garden BBC Radio Shropshire 

Press coverage

This is a VERY small selection of our press coverage since we opened 31-3-2011

Press coverage, a selection

Permitted photos




Apley Farm Shop through the seasons