Apley Butchery sells all meats as locally sourced as possible including Apley Estate's own beef & game. Apley's own range also includes Lord Hamilton's Apley Estate Smoked Pheasant breasts. We make our own Apley sausages onsite, award winning black treacle bacon & cured back bacon. Staple products include pork, lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, venison. We also sell Christmas meat boxes & a selection of other meat boxes all year round.
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Sun's up again over our Pumpkin patch - come PYO

Spookley Pumpkin Festival 13-31 Oct

PYO Pumpkins in the Maze today, Sun 21 Oct

Bushscraft - willow activities, 12noon daily 1-4 Nov

Bushscraft - clay activities, 11am daily 1-4 Nov

Bushscraft - Firelighting activities, 10am daily 1-4 Nov

Apley Christmas Market 24 & 25 Nov - Free entry

Taste our award winning Apley Cheese

Creamery Cafe - meals handmade onsite

Fresh, local & seasonal produce

Eat al fresco in our courtyard

Smoked Pheasant - unique to Apley

Apley Delicatessen

Apley Butchery

Delicious new menus

Apley Christmas Market, 24-25 Nov

Get creative at Paint & Create

Slim Gym meat boxes

Locally sourced meat

British White rare breed beef

Big Little Things - Florists

Big Little Things - Floristry workshops

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Afternoon Teas

Walled Garden tours

Maze now closed ! May be back in 2019

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The Lady Hamilton range

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Bakery courses

The Great Apley Breakfast

Birthday Parties in Paint & Create

Apley Christmas Market, 24-25 Nov

Big Little Things - Floristry workshops

Apley Butchery – from field to fork

Our traditional butchers offer a selection of the best quality hand cut local meats including award winning Apley Estate British White beef from the Pennington family at Oldington Farm, free range pork, Shropshire venison, free range chicken, lamb, turkey, partridge & pheasant directly from the Apley Estate, local or tenant farms.

Apley’s own range now also includes Lord Hamilton’s Apley Estate Smoked Pheasant breasts. We make our own Apley sausages onsite, Great Taste Award winning black treacle bacon & Apley cured back bacon. We also sell Christmas meat boxes & a selection of other meat boxes all year round.

See below for details of our:

  • Apley Family Essentials
  • Christmas meat boxes
  • Turkey Q&A
  • Our “All year round” meat boxes
  • Butchery courses – Tell our butchers if you’re keen to sign up to our next course

Christmas turkey FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions

Click HERE to read the answers to these common questions compiled by British Turkey

  • How do I cook a whole turkey?

  • How can I be sure that I am buying the best quality turkey available?

  • Do I need to be careful about stuffing?

  • How many people will my turkey feed?

  • When should I start defrosting?

  • How do I cook turkey in a microwave?

  • Can I defrost my turkey in a microwave?

  • What if I can’t fit the bird in my oven?

  • How do I cook my turkey in an AGA?

  • How do I make sure the meat is moist?

  • What is the difference in birds I can buy?

  • What is the taste difference between birds I can buy?

  • I would like a gamier taste – can you recommend a variety of turkey?

  • How should I store and reheat leftover cooked turkey?

  • How do I ensure my turkey is cooked correctly?

  • Can I cook overnight?

  • Should I cover with foil?

  • How do I know if the meat has gone off?

  • Does cheap turkey mean bad quality?

  • Why are turkey eggs not available in the shops?

  • Where do turkeys originate from?

  • How healthy is turkey meat?

  • Do you have any information about the minerals and vitamins in turkey meat?

  • I have some leftover turkey and don’t want to waste it – do you have any recipe suggestions?

  • I still like to truss my turkey. Do you have any guidelines on how I would go about it?

  • I’ve never cooked Christmas dinner before. Do you have any advice?

  • I would like my Christmas to be a bit different this year. Do you know any old traditions?

  • Are there any regional culinary traditions I could try to give a twist to my Christmas dinner?

  • How do I carve my turkey?

  • Can I cook my turkey on Christmas Eve and reheat it the next day?


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