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Freshly made food to go

You’ll be spoilt for choice when you see our wonderful selection of handmade pork pies & pâtés, quiches & scotch eggs & cooked meats & charcuterie items on our Deli counter. Using fresh ingredients from the farm shop, our chef’s & award winning butchers are constantly developing the flavours of our handmade products to create beautifully seasonal dishes. We also stock your favourite brands such as Coopers flavoured sausage rolls & Reg May’s award winning pork pies. We have delicious vegetarian options, such as Coopers veggie sausage roll, the Bombay potato bomb & Apley handmade cheese scotch eggs. Place your orders with the Deli staff too & let us help take the pressure off catering for your parties & events.

Our mainly British cheese selection is extensive & our expert cheese staff will advise you on your selection & hand cut to your requirement. We have a wide range of smoked cheese, Cheshire cheese, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, goats cheese & flavoured cheese. Try our Apley Cheshire cheese, made by Mr Moyden using the traditional recipe that was used when Apley Farm Shop was a dairy farm. The Apley Cheshire won bronze in the Artisan Cheese award in 2015!

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Ready Meals

We stock frozen ready meals from Lodge Farm Kitchen in Herefordshire. Fish, meat & vegetarian, they’re packed in attractive wooden boxes in which the meals can be cooked (keep away from naked gas oven flames). Enjoy the convenience of pre-prepared, handmade meals made from quality, local ingredients.


Make your own cheese kit

£5.99 each
Half term fun for the children


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