Apley Butchery

From field to fork, our traditional butchers offer a selection of the best quality hand cut local meats including award-winning Apley Estate British White beef from the Pennington family at Oldington Farm, free-range pork, Shropshire venison, free range chicken, lamb, turkey, partridge & pheasant directly from the Apley Estate, local or tenant farms

The Apley meat selection includes …


Our Apley sausages are freshly handmade onsite by our butchers using 9 different recipes. Flavours vary throughout the year, from pheasant sausages to (promise, we’re tried these) venison & chocolate sausages. If they have time, our butchers will give you a mini demonstration.


Hams are cooked from local pork, onsite behind our butchery counter & sliced whilst you wait. Choose from honey & mustard roast ham or plain ham.


Handmade using our local meats, these are firm favourites all year round, especially with our Playbarn customers.


Using Packington pork, we make our own bacon. It’s really worth trying our Great Taste Award winning Apley black treacle bacon & Apley cured back bacon.


We sell all cuts of beef from sirloin steaks to the perfect topside joint for Sunday lunch. Our beef is from the award-winning herd of British white cattle on Oldington Farm (an Apley Estate tenant farm) so close to Apley Farm Shop that you can see them across the fields. We also source our own Apley Estate beef from our herd of Limousin Cross


The lamb is locally sourced from Shropshire. Spring lamb is available from March from Eardingtons. The fat gives the meat its taste.


Our chicken is also from Packington, where they roam freely on established English pasture, consisting of various grasses and clovers, with strategically placed perches and shelters offering shade, food and water. It’s an idyllic setting and one which every Packington Free Range bird experience in its lifetime.


Our pork is free range from Packington where pigs are truly free-range. Born & living outdoors for their whole lives, they’re reared to the highest welfare standards, with plenty of space to roam, be sociable & wallow in the mud on sunny days. A happy pig is a healthy pig!

BBQ Packs

As soon as we know there’s some warm sunshine, our butchers prepare great value barbecue packs which include kebabs, chicken drumsticks, burgers, sausages.


This is sourced locally from woods where the deer breed, feed & roam freely making it one of the most free range & leanest meats available. Rich in iron, this red meat is prepared by our own Apley staff. It’s only available in season (Oct to March), so once our customers know we have some available (which can be unpredictable), it sells very quickly!


Our pheasants & partridge are from the Apley Park shoot on the estate. They are reared from one day old when they are kept under heat in the rearing sheds. As they begin to grow, they are given more freedom, slowly letting them roam freely. At 7 weeks old, they’re released into pens in the woods where they are fed wheat from the estate. The season runs October to February, so they are well fed, watered & looked after in time for the start of the season.


Perfect for Thanksgiving (25 Nov) & Christmas, we source this very locally from Shifnal. Some of our local customers prefer cockerels for Christmas lunch which we also source locally.

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