Apley Delicatessen

You’ll be spoilt for choice when you see our wonderful selection of olives, handmade pork pies & pâtés, quiches & Scotch eggs & cooked meats & charcuterie items on our Deli counter.

Using fresh ingredients from the Food Hall, our chefs & butchers are constantly developing the flavours of our handmade products to create beautifully seasonal dishes.

We also stock customers’ favourite brands such as Coopers flavoured sausage rolls, MacNeil’s Smokehouse product range & our own Apley handmade range. We have delicious vegetarian options, such as Coopers veggie sausage rolls, onion bhajis & our handmade vegetable pasties.

You’ll always find a feast of ready to eat food on our Deli counter !

When catering for large parties & events, place your orders with our Deli staff & let us help take the pressure off you, so you’re free to enjoy to occasion.

Our cheeses

Our mainly British cheese selection is extensive & our expert cheese staff will advise you on your selection & hand cut to your requirement. We do also stock international cheeses. Our range includes smoked cheese, Cheshire cheese, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, goats cheese & flavoured cheese. 

Christmas cheeseboards

Tell us how many will be round your table this Christmas & show us your favourite cheeses. Whilst you find other Christmas essentials in our Food Hall, we will create & wrap a beautiful cheese board. You get to keep the lovely wooden board !

Cheese Hampers

These artisan hampers range from our festive Christmas cheese hamper to our Summer Picnic Cheese Hamper. Alternatively, fill your own hamper with a personalised selection- a perfect, meaningful gift.

Contact the shop on 01952 581 002 or at enquiries@apleyfarmshop.co.uk to get your order in now, or buy here.

Apley Cheese Courses

We have run Cheese Experience courses, however, these are temporarily on hold.

Watch the latest one here: https://youtu.be/IOXssBAR6ps

Smoked Pheasant

Apley Smoked Pheasant won 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2019. Fabulous for any lunch, snack, salad, canapé, pâté or starter. Click HERE for full details. 

One of the best smoked pheasants we’ve tried in terms of flavour” – Raymond Blanc

Buy Cheese ONLINE

Apley Online is the best way to get your hands on our delicious Apley cheeses if you’re unable to visit our Food Hall yourself. Perfect for busy people or if distance is too great. Click HERE to start shopping! You’ll find many of our Food Hall produce there, including wines, meat & cakes. 

Apley 2 Go

Hungry but short of time? We are the country drive through! Nip down our front drive, zip into the Food Hall & whizz down our exit drive & you’ll be on your way in no time at all. Our delicatessen is full of great options for light lunches, lunch boxes, car journeys, picnics & snacks. 

Charcuterie, cold meats & smoked produce

All locally sourced, our range includes Apley Smoked pheasant, smoked venison, cooked hams, saucissons secs, salamis & cured beef.

Pasties, Pork Pies, Sausage rolls, Scotch Eggs & Quiches

Handmade daily onsite by our Apley staff using local ingredients. Perfect for light lunches, lunch boxes, car journeys, picnics & snacks. 

Apley Cheshire Cheese

This is our very own cheese recipe, now made by Mr Moyden in Shropshire. It won second prize in the National Dairy awards when it was first made at Apley 1956-1956, in the building which is now our cafe. Mr Moyden’s version won bronze in the Artisan Cheese award in 2015. 

Wedding Cheese Cakes

When catering for large parties & events, place your orders with our Deli staff too & let us help take the pressure off you, so you’re free to enjoy to occasion.

Our wedding cake is a fun alternative for foodlovers’ perfect day.

Frozen Ready Meals

We stock frozen ready meals from Lodge Farm Kitchen in Herefordshire. Fish, meat & vegetarian, they’re packed in attractive wooden boxes in which the meals can be cooked (keep away from naked gas oven flames). Enjoy the convenience of pre-prepared, handmade meals made from quality, local ingredients.

Vegetarian Range

This range includes our Apley handmade quiches, vegetable pasties & Scotch Eggs. 

Food Hall opening times

7 days per week

Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 4.00pm
Saturday: 9.30am – 4.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am – 4.00pm
Bank Holidays: 9.30am – 4.00pm

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Cheese hampers

Hampers make perfect presents for all cheese lovers

Delicatessen photo gallery

Browse our photos to get a better idea of the delicious foods awaiting you!

Wedding Pork Pie Cakes

Wedding Cheese Cakes

Featured products

From quiches to smoked salmon, cheeses to smoked pheasant, pork pies to Scotch Eggs – you’ll find a feast on our Deli counter.