Apley Farm Shop Deliveries and Returns


We at DeliShops manage this website and it is our job to make sure you know and understand what to expect from the many awesome Suppliers who offer their products here for you to buy.

Your order is sent directly to you at an address of your choice by the Supplier.  Only Suppliers handle and despatch their goods, and your contract is directly with the Supplier, not us.  It is your Suppliers responsibility to make sure your purchase arrives on time and in perfect condition.  If you have made purchases from more than one Supplier, you will receive several more than one parcel!

However we at DeliShops are here to make sure you get the best service possible.  Please look to the end of this page for contact details if you feel you Supplier has not lived up to our expectations and you would like to contact us directly.

1      How it works

Each Supplier sets his own delivery terms, and those terms are on each product page and you will see them when you check out, plus they are available on the Supplier’s page (look here to find your supplier).

Where to find more information:

  • check the confirmation email you received when you made the purchase
  • login to your account

 2      Delivery guide

Do the Suppliers charge the same? No.  There are big variations in weight, fragility, chilling requirements and size, not to mention where they live and where you live.  Several of our Suppliers live in very remote locations, and many of our customers do too.  This means the amount they need to charge to get their amazing products to you can vary quite a lot.  I know they work hard to make it as cheap as possible.

Where do Suppliers deliver? this depends on the supplier.  Some do not delivery to highlands and islands, and most do not deliver outside the UK.  We are sorry if you live in these places, and we are working hard to extend possible delivery areas as soon as possible.  Please check here for the terms for the Suppliers of the products you have in mind.

Do I pay for additional purchases from the same Supplier? unlike Amazon, you don’t pay per item, just for each delivery per Supplier.  This means the more you buy the better value it gets.

Is it expensive? we promise you we don’t want to charge you for postage and packaging and our Suppliers make no money on it.  But they are very small and can’t get good delivery terms from the courier companies, plus transporting food is more difficult.  Please understand to get the rare and the unusual someone got to travel a little further to get it to you!

Selecting Direct Delivery to an address of your choice 

  • The selection of the address for delivery can only be made on the website at or before the time of ordering
  • If you need to change the address after this time, please contact the Supplier directly
  • Suppliers use delivery partners, such as the Royal Mail or couriers to deliver their goods
  • It is your responsibility to make provision for your safe receipt of your goods
  • Perishable, chilled and frozen goods: If the delivery partner has followed your reasonable instructions as you have entered them into the DeliShops website and they have not been able to deliver your goods safely and in good condition they are under no obligation to refund or attempt to redeliver the goods

 3      Late delivery

It does happen, so we need to talk about it.  Get in touch with your Supplier here if something has gone wrong. Their Cancellations and Refunds policies are on their Supplier Page as well. 

If you are still troubled and would like us to sort it out for you, contact us.

Cancellations, Returns & Refunds

Because many food items are perishable or bespoke, we can not accept cancellations or returns for most food products or items that have been customised.

A guide to Returnable vs Non-returnable products

All products may be returned or cancelled with 14 days unless:

  • They are food, including pet food, unless specified by the Supplier
  • Any product that has been customised specifically for your purchase

If there is a problem with your product and you will be asking for a refund DO NOT DESTROY OR DISPOSE OF YOUR PRODUCT until you have spoken with your Supplier.  The Supplier may need have the product returned or see a picture of it to understand what has gone wrong.

Returnable products

You have 14 days from the day on which you receive the items to notify the seller if you want to cancel the order or exchange the item.

Cancellations & Returns

To cancel your order, or return or exchange a product, login into your DeliShops account and follow the instructions there.

What if you haven’t received your order?

Contact your Supplier here and let them find out what has happened.

Need more help to get things sorted?

All Suppliers meet our minimum Cancellations, Returns & Refunds policy, so if you aren’t getting satisfaction from your Supplier contact us. We are here to help.

More about DeliShops:

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