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Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (“ToU”) govern your use of our website.

These Terms of Use refer only to the use of this website and do not apply to the purchasing of goods.  For the purchase of goods refer to the Terms & Conditions of the Supplier of the goods in question.

General terms  

i.             The DeliShop website is free to use, but by using it you consent to our Terms of Use

ii.            When you purchase an item through the DeliShop, the legal contract is between you and the Supplier, which may or may not be us.  The contact details for the Supplier will be specified on your order confirmation

iii.           The contract is never with ClicBox

iv.           Nothing in these ToU, ClicBox T&Cs or the T&Cs of Suppliers affects your statutory rights

v.            We reserve the right to refuse any transaction

vi.           These T&Cs are governed by English law and all parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts should the need arise

vii.          We may from time to time update these ToU. New ToU will be published here

viii.         This website it subject to copyright by ourselves, ClicBox or our Supplier Partners.  You will not change, remove or copy any style or content from this website without appropriate written permission


 i.            To use this DeliShop you must be 18 years or over

ii.             It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal details for purchase, payment and despatch are complete and accurate

iii.            Payment will be required at confirmation of your order


i.              It is your responsibility to keep the password to your account safe and confidential

ii.             You are responsible for all activities on your account under your password

iii.            Each order made under your password requires you to pay for the goods

iv.           If ClicBox are made aware of any security concerns regarding your account we may close or suspend your account. Please contact support@delishops.co.uk if you cannot access your account 

Accuracy of information               

i.              Each product on the DeliShops is provided by a Supplier Partner.  It is the Supplier’s responsibility to ensure the information relating to their products is accurate and complete

ii.             We do not certify the claims of any of the products or Suppliers shown in this DeliShop

Product price

i.              Price is confirmed at the time of ordering and is set by the Supplier

ii.             Unless otherwise specified, items sold by weight will be at the set weights shown on the website and may vary according to the tolerances set down by the relevant Supplier in their Suppliers T&Cs

iii.            Prices include VAT where applicable

Availability and Substitutes

i.              All products are subject to availability

ii.             If a product is unavailable you will be contacted by email or telephone by the Supplier, not us


i.              To purchase alcohol you will be asked to confirm you are 18 years or over


i.              Delivery terms are subject to the Supplier T&Cs of each product. Delivery terms and Supplier T&Cs can be found in the tabs on the product page

ii.             Please contact the Supplier direct, not us, if you have any issues regarding delivery

Pick up in Store (Click & Collect)

We offer the option to Pick up in Store (also known as Click & Collect).  You might find this useful if you are local to us if you don’t have an address where a parcel may easily be delivered, or perhaps you want it looked after while you are at work and you want to collect it later.

On these occasions your parcels will be sent direct to us.  Please note:

i.              As the goods come from the Supplier and we do not hold them in stock, there will often be a delivery charge for Click and Collect at checkout

ii.             While we will do our best to look after your parcel, please collect it promptly.  It is advisable to drop us an email if your goods need chilling or if you won’t pick them up for a few days

iii.            We do not own your goods at any point, they are yours and your responsibility from the moment the Supplier or their delivery partner drop them off with us.  We provide this service free of charge

iv.           If you select to collect alcohol via Pick up in Store (Click & Collect) you may be asked to verify your age. We apologise if this is inconvenient for you


i.              ClicBox Ltd takes your payment on behalf of the Supplier

ii.             The Terms and Conditions of Suppliers can be found by following the link in the footer of the DeliShop home page

Changes to orders, cancellations and returns

i.              Changes, cancellations and returns of food goods are subject to the T&Cs of the Supplier from whom you have purchased

ii.             The Terms and Conditions of Suppliers can be found by following the link in the footer of the DeliShop home page


i.              We give no warranties on any goods offered by other Suppliers

ii.             Warranties can be found in the T&Cs of Suppliers

iii.            The Terms and Conditions of Suppliers can be found by following the link in the footer of the DeliShop home page

Technical concerns

We do not own maintain or provide security for this DeliShop.  Contact ClicBox if you have any concerns.

You agree

In the event ClicBox, the Supplier or the Retailer does not deliver against an intended purchase, not we, ClicBox nor the Supplier are liable for

i.              Damage to your revenue, profits, or cost reductions, direct or indirect

ii.             Collateral expenditure, direct or indirect

iii.            Any other loss or damage arising from your use of the ClicBox DeliShop platform

iv.           Our liability is limited to the retail value of the goods purchased or intended to be purchased under this contract

v.            ClicBox, our Suppliers or our Retailers will not be deemed to have breached contract due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control

Complaints, concerns or comments

If you have any complaints, concerns or comments, you can contact us through our Supplier page.  If you would like a call back please include your telephone number

If you have any queries regarding the management of this site, or wish to escalate an issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction with a Supplier please contact support@delishops.co.uk

Further policies and T&Cs

For further contact details, privacy policy and terms and conditions for us please refer to our main website.

For further contact details and terms and conditions for our Suppliers for buying their products, please refer to the Meet our Producers section of the footer of our DeliShop which has links to the information you need.

For the privacy policies of our Suppliers, please refer to their company websites.

Company information   

For our company information please visit our website.