Oak Apple Catering, Emmental Amulets


Cheese nibbles with tangy anchovy made by Oak Apple in Shropshire.

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Cheese Nibbles are handcrafted using the finest ingredients for a delicious melt in your mouth flavour which makes the perfect accompaniment to many foods; whether they’re used as the base of a canapé, as a perfect pairing with port and cheese or simply as a quick snack, they are delicious and difficult to put down!

Simple, versatile and with bursting with flavour, our cheesy treats are perfect for any occasion. Each one of our flavours are handmade by our talented chefs in rural Shropshire, using no more than four of the highest quality ingredients, all of which are sourced responsibly in line with the company’s ethos.

Five mouth-watering flavours comprise the cheese nibble collection

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Flour, Butter, Cheddar cheese, anchovy


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