Apley Experiences

We offer a wide range of Apley Experiences, available all year round & adaptable for all ages. They’re all great as presents or activities for schools, ladies’ days, ladies’ nights, men’s groups, local interest groups, gardening groups, birthday parties or hen parties to enjoy together.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all Apley Experiences are temporarily suspended. If you are booked onto an experience, please email enquires@apleyfarmshop.co.uk

Butchery Experiences

From the rib-eye and rump to the pork skirt steak and silverside, the world of butchery and its ubiquitous cuts is wonderful yet also confusing. Let our butchers guide you- whether you’re a beginner or pro!

Bakery Experiences

The most diverse and popular of our courses, join us in our bakery where all your favourite pastries are made. We’ll tailor the course to your specific interests so roll up your sleeves and get your apron on!

Pottery Experiences

Get stuck in with this energetic, fun experience with your family or friends, spinning and decorating your own pots- suitable for ages 8+.

Cheese Experiences

Discover the careful process of making cheese as well as the techniques used to give your favourite cheese its taste! Miss Muffet’s curds and whey will no longer just be a nursery rhyme.

Wine Experiences

Local and national wines occupy a unique and diverse corner of the world of craft British alcohol. Smell, taste and learn how the countryside around you has influenced your drink in this sophisticated course.

Floristry Experiences

Learn how to choose, arrange and care for flowers in order to create beautiful arrangements and bouquets at home.

Choose from an Apley Walled Garden tour or wine course, the Apley butchery course, the Apley Bakery (cake or bread) course, the Apley cheese course, pottery at Paint & Create or floristry at Big Little Things. Perfect present for those who prefer to ‘do’ rather than to ‘have’.