What are the Apley Experiences?

An Apley Experiences are short course with our in-house Apley or local experts, in butchery, bakery [cakes], cheeses, pottery or floristry. They’re principally for fun, great as presents & for the perfect way to learn & share skills.

What do the courses cover?
▪ The course covers your special interests, tailor made for you
▪ We start by discussing equipment, preparation, basics & background
▪ We finish by giving you anything you make, to take away

How much are they?
▪ £10 for a 1hr Walled Garden tour (not currently running)
▪ £15 for a 1hr course (cheese courses are always only 1hr)
▪ £30 for a 2hr course (butchery & bakery)
Prices includes all ingredients & equipment but exclude meals

How to book?
▪ Call, email, visit us or book online
▪ Register your interest
▪ We will then contact you with a selection of dates & times from which you can choose the most convenient for you
▪ Tell us your special interests, so we can tailor the tour just for you
▪ Please see website for T&Cs

Where do they happen?
Apley Farm Shop, Norton, Shropshire, TF11 9EF, UK

When are they held?
Courses are available throughout the year. We will contact you with a selection of dates & times from which you can choose the most
convenient for you.

Who will lead the course?
Local experts or our Head of Department will lead the course with help from a member of their team

Why choose an Apley Experience?
▪ It’s a great present for anyone of any age, at any time of year
▪ Learn or develop a new skill. We believe hands-on is the best way
▪ Enjoy a fun day out
▪ Spend quality time & an experience to share with family & friends
▪ It’s tailor-made according to your interests
▪ It’s held on dates when it suits you (as far as possible)
▪ It’s held in a beautiful countryside setting at our genuine, family-run, farm shop
▪ It’s led by our friendly & experienced staff
▪ Whilst there, take the chance to enjoy a delicious lunch & or tea in the Creamery Café of Apley Farm Shop
▪ We use fresh, local & seasonal ingredients whenever possible

Where do I stay?
If you need accommodation, The Hundred House has accommodation. Call 01952 580240 or email them (click HERE).
Located in the centre of Norton at the heart of the Apley Estate, it’s owned by the Estate, but has been run by the Philips family for 30 years